Biochar for Green Cities

illustration with green tree and city skyline in the background

16.11.2021 17.11.2021

The Nordic Biochar Networt invites to a workshop on biochar in urban areas. This two-day event is targeted at cities and communities, but also open to everyone else.

You will learn about

  • What biochar is and why you should use it
  • Where and how to use it in urban areas
  • How to buy biochar and what to pay attention to
  • How to get started making your own biochar
  • Cities who are already using biochar
  • Creating carbon sinks in your city
  • The climate impact of biochar
  • How carbon trading works

You will not only hear presentations, but also have the chance to get in touch and discuss with each other. We will publish a detailed program soon.

The workshop is online and free of charge!

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