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BIOMACON GmbH is a producer of CO2 negative biomass furnaces. Our pyrolysis-based furnaces generate climate-positive heat and biochar. Biomacon manufactures plants with a nominal thermal output of 40kW to 600kW and a biochar yield of 5kg/h to 70kg/h.

CARBUNA offers a broad range of climate-positive and widely certified biochar products for numerous applications, such as agriculture, animal husbandry, industry or construction. In addition, CARBUNA advises you on the topics of biochar utilisation and pyrolysis.

Logo Carbon Standards

Carbon Standards International AG (CSI) is a climate partner for everything concerning biochar, European Biochar Certificate (EBC), climate neutral agriculture, carbon sinks and World-Climate certification. CSI was founded in 2021 and is a member of EASY-CERT group AG based in Frick, Switzerland.

Logo Klimafarmer

Klimafarmer develops and sells products that support climate farming. This includes in especially Terra Preta soils, soil additives as well as natural fertilisers based on biochar.

ProE Bioenergie

ProE Bioenergie GmbH already exists since 2006. The companie's main activities are the distribution of biochar under the brand Carbio® as well as offering a wide range of consulting and services around the topic of biochar.

Logo is a dropshipping webshop that offers a central marketplace to all producers of biochar products. The webshop is embedded in a system of information websites around the topics of biochar, terra preta, biochar as feed additive and thus addresses all kinds of customers, from hobby gardeners to animal lovers to farmers.

Logo Abfallwirtschaft und Stadtreinigung Freiburg GmbH

Abfallwirtschaft und Stadtreinigung Freiburg GmbH (ASF) - the visionary waste management company for the region of Freiburg. Recycling organic waste, we focus on the production of high-quality products for the region. We produce an EBC-certified biochar from woodchips as basis for terra preta applications and our biochar compost for viticulture and fruit growing.

Logo CarboForce

Carbo-FORCE GmbH offers innovative plant technology for the production of biochar and energy. The Carbo-CAP-TEC process is a patented technology which converts a wide range of organic residues into valuable materials through a thermal-chemical process.

Logo Österreichischer Verein für Biomasse-Karbonisierung - ÖBIKA

ÖBIKA is the Austrian networking platform and point of contact for everyone in practice, science and administration who is interested in biochar. ÖBIKA wants to make the various forms of carbonisates and their possible applications known to the public.


Carbonfuture helps companies and organizations worldwide on their path to true net zero. As an online marketplace and fully digitized tracking platform for high-quality and effective biochar-based carbon sink credits, we offer certificates that not only avoid C02 emissions, but actively remove them out of the atmosphere.>

Logo EAD Darmstadt

EAD is a 100% municipal company and, in addition to waste recycling, takes care of many more issues to relieve the burden on citizens and businesses in Darmstadt. For example, street cleaning, a composting plant, a recycling yard, a hazardous waste collection point, the participation in a company in the waste recycling sector illustrate the broad spectrum of tasks within the framework of municipal services of general interest.

Logo Charline

CharLine focusses on product development from the raw biochar. Each biochar (depending on the starting raw material, carbonization process and degree of grinding) has different properties, which are also suitable for different applications. We create or find the right use for it!

Carbon Technik Schuster

Carbon Technik Schuster GmbH supports the conversion of agricultural and industrial value chains towards sustainability, with the help of an efficient, quickly scalable technology Immediately, effectively reduce C02 emissions and costs.

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